Carleti López Traviesa

Asturias - México, 1979

Carleti López Traviesa is a multidisciplinary artist who has been focusing on the world of painting since 2011. He graduated in Fine Arts from the University of the Basque Country and holds a Master’s in Visual Arts from the National Autonomous University of Mexico. His career has been shaped between Asturias and Mexico, where he has been living and creating for the past 8 years.

His work, influenced by street culture and the digital universe, merges the tangible with the virtual. He uses painting as a bridge between reality and cyberspace, weaving a distinctive iconographic code that brings his unique artistic vision to life, blending the comical and the absurd.

Among his recent exhibitions are “Botarguika” and “Ahorita volvemos,” both held at Casa Equis in 2022. There’s also “Skate Park 42,” presented in 2021 and inspired, as the name suggests, by skateboarding ramps, but with Carleti’s personal touch: full of dogs skateboarding. In 2020, he presented the documentary “The Last Dance,” based on the 97-98 season of the Chicago Bulls, the last one in which Michael Jordan played with this team. On that occasion, the artist aimed to venture into other forms of artistic expression, moving away from painting to immerse himself in different creative mediums.

In addition to participating in numerous group exhibitions both in Mexico and abroad, thus consolidating his presence in the artistic field, throughout his career, López Traviesa has been recognized in art competitions and shows, receiving awards such as the one granted at the XX Exhibition of Plastic Arts of Asturias (2009) and being selected at the Biennial of Balconadas de Betanzos (2008), as well as in the Graphic Art Contest for Young Creators (2000 and 2001).

Carleti has been an active participant in cultural creation and management, co-founding art fairs like Clavo (2020) and FAIN (2018), as well as Casa Equis (Mexico City), a gallery that has served as a platform for numerous emerging artists.

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