Daniel Verbis

León, 1968

With a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Salamanca (1986-1991), his work is marked by experimentation with new materials, resins, plasticine, buttons, threads and wool, ropes, plastic canvas, etc., materials that had traditionally remained outside the realm of pictorial techniques. Unorthodox in the use of materials, he combines installations with painting, integrating both in a playful game in which priority is given to questions and interrogations. For Daniel Verbis’ artistic work, the old differences and antagonisms between painting and sculpture are meaningless. His images are open, guessing the process, sometimes unfinished, which gives way to the viewer to resume the reading in another work where the same motif is solved with different technique. It is frequent in his works that the canvas frame is an important part of the final meaning of the image. In this way, Daniel Verbis’ works become visual clues for the viewer to interpret the mechanisms of artistic meaning. In his latest works, aluminum foil and drawing are the protagonists, in a projection of colored circles and in several drawings made with oils, pens and threads, his work in terms of motifs is not very anecdotal, focusing on essentialist aspects of forms or assemblage of net forms with hardly any ornamentation. It is an example of the transgression of boundaries between artistic genres.


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