Helena Toraño (Llanes, Asturias, 1984)

What was once a child’s passion has become her main dedication, which has manifested itself in a wide variety of formats. In 2014 she was awarded the Asturias Young Plastic Arts Prize, for her composition “Las Cosas”; in 2015 she held her individual exhibition “Buen Otoño nos espera” (Good Autumn is waiting for us), and in 2016 she began to work exclusively for the Gema Llamazares Gallery, participating in various national fairs such as Art Marbella, the Oviedo Art Fair or JustMad7, where her work “Ni lo sueño” (Neither do I dream) was selected for the Pilar Citoler Young Collector’s Prize.

In 2017 she presented her work in Madrid in an individual exhibition “Las horas libres” at the Utopia Parkway Gallery. That same year Helena held her most ambitious exhibition to date “Top Secret” at Galería Gema Llamazares, Gijón, in which she used different media: canvas, installation and video. In 2018 she opened her exhibition “Viento favor” for Art Mustang in Valencia, and has also been part of the collective “#Stories” at the 6th Galeria d’art in Palma de Mallorca.

In 2018 she was awarded the Second Prize at the XIV Certamen Nacional de Pintura Casimiro Baragaña, Pola de Siero, Spain, for her work “Luz de invierno”, she participated with the series “Los ojos cerrados, la mente sin prisa” at the Feria Arte Oviedo and more recently at Context Art Miami, both by the Galeria Gema Llamazares.