Hugo Alonso (Soria, 1981)

Trained at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Salamanca and Rome, he develops exhibition projects of a heterogeneous nature. Initially pictorial, his work has gradually expanded into other fields such as video, sound and audiovisual installations.

Some of his solo shows are November (Galería Miquel Alzueta, Barcelona, 2017), RAW (Galerie Youn, Montreal, 2017), Blonde (Pigment Gallery, Barcelona, 2016), Pendulum (CEART, Fuenlabrada, 2016), Believers (Sala de la Diputación de Salamanca La Salina, 2015), How to resuscitate a dead fly (Medina Film Fest, 2013), To my father and to the memory of my mother (Adora Calvo Gallery, Salamanca, 2011), Frederick Treves and the Chamber of Surgeons (Salvador Díaz Gallery, Madrid, 2010) or Paintingdrome (DA2, Salamanca, 2007).

Among the group exhibitions in which he has participated are Group Show (Kir Royal Gallery, Madrid, 2017), TOC (DA2, Salamanca, 2016), Poétique quotidienne (Galerie Youn, Montreal, 2016), This is not a love song (Pera Museum, Istanbul, 2015), La luz expandida: new technologies in Spanish video art (Fundación Telefónica, Madrid, 2015), Paisajes Improbables (Junta CyL / Teatro Municipal de Guarda, CyL / Portugal, 2012), Art and Video (Loop Festival, Barcelona, 2012), Generation 2008 (Cajamadrid, itinerant, 2008), Pittura Digitalis (Caprice Horn Gallery, Berlin, 2007), Mixed Emotions (DA2, Salamanca, 2008), Existencias (MUSAC, León, 2007) or Heterotopías (Oktogon HfBK, Dresden, 2007).

Among his merits are the Noca Paper Art Madrid 2016 Award for the best Solo Project, the Young Painters Award Gaceta Foundation 2013, the Young Art Award of the Junta de Castilla y León 2011, the Caja España Painting Award 2008, the Optica Video Art Award 2008 and 2007, the Caja Burgos Young Artists of Castilla y León Award 2007 or the BMW Pictorial Research Grant 2002.

His work has been present in national and international contemporary art fairs such as, JUSTMAD, ARCO (Spain), ART TORONTO (Canada), ART PARIS (France), PAPIER (Canada), ART MADRID (Spain), SEATTLE ART FAIR (United States), ART MIAMI (USA), CIRCA (Puerto Rico), ART FAIR (Germany), ART ELYSEES (France), FOR REAL (Netherlands), CONTEXT (USA), ARTE SANTANDER (Spain), ART ON PAPER (USA), CROSSROADS (England) or JustLX (Lisbon).

His work is part of public collections such as MUSAC (Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Castilla y León), DA2 (Domus Artium 2002), CAB (Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Burgos), BMW Foundation, Diputación de Salamanca, CEART (Centro de Arte Tomás y Valiente), Gaceta Foundation or Obra Social Caja España.

In October 2017 he was the artist invited by The New York Times Magazine to be on the cover of a specifically created work.

Recently he has received the Rucandio Collection Acquisition Award, in JUSTMAD X where he participated with the Gema Llamazares gallery.


  • Colección Rucandio.
  • Nueva Colección Pilar Citoler.
  • MUSAC (Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Castilla y León).
  • DA2 (Domus Artium 2002).
  • CAB (Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Burgos).
  • Fundación BMW.
  • Diputación de Salamanca.
  • CEART (Centro de Arte Tomás y Valiente).
  • Fundación Gaceta.
  • Obra Social Caja España.