Jesús Zurita

Ceuta, 1974

Jesús Zurita (Ceuta, 1974) develops his work in the city of Granada, where he graduated in Fine Arts, specializing in Painting.

The starting point of his work is always the narrative, from which becomes the scene and the necessary and illusory space that allows the development of the plot. From the scene, the work develops together with the spectator, sharing the experience of remaining, of being. His work is conditioned by the basic impulses on which we build our identity. Thus, between the piece, the viewer and the artist an honest link is created.

His pictorial language mixes the organic -vegetation or landscape always present- and geometry to give rise to dreamlike spaces, in ink or with a brush. The equivocal, the mysterious and the ambiguous are adjectives that are often attributed to his work, although the framework of the piece always refers to very real themes and aims to make the viewer walk a path of his own, although delimited by the artist.

Trained in the technique of comics, the extreme detail in his work, another of its remarkable attractions, with which he manages to give texture to the content, comes from that time.

He exhibits his work both in Spain and abroad, and it is common to find his work in Mexico, the United States and Holland, where he collaborates with several galleries. It is necessary to emphasize his individual exhibitions in the José Guerrero Center in Granada, in the ABC Museum in Madrid, in the BBAA Museum in Huelva or the Tomás y Valiente Center in Madrid, among others. Fairs as important in our country as ARCO have counted with his presence in ten editions, as well as ESTAMPA or Justmad where he participates frequently.

His pieces can be found in collections as representative as the Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo, Caja Madrid, Diputación de Málaga, Universidad Juan Carlos I, Caja Extremadura, Colección Focus-Abengoa or the Centenera-Jaraba Foundation, among others.


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