Marina Vargas

Granada, 1980

Marina Rodríguez Vargas (Granada, 1980). Known as Marina Vargas, she is a Spanish multidisciplinary artist. Her artistic language focuses on classical iconography, the sacred, mythology, creating replicas made in monumental formats under a committed feminist gaze that permeates all her work.

The realization of her projects is preceded by long periods of study, research and specialized readings on the themes of the history she deals with. The artist carries out her work, inserted in the neo-baroque, with a careful staging. In her works there are constant dialogues around the ideas of Judeo-Christian religious idolatries of the West, sexuality, femininity, violence, love and desire; a work full of drama, brutality and beauty combined. We thus find works in which the revisionist symbolism of contemporary identities reigns, creating a new model of hybrid and monstrous beauty that has completely forgotten the silence of the classical canon.

In 2015, in an extensive solo exhibition at the Museo Arte Contemporáneo, the CAC of Malaga presents the exhibition entitled Destripando el canon. In 2017 she presents at the ABC Museum in Madrid the exhibition Las líneas del destino, upon being selected in the Conexiones program, sponsored by the Banco Santander Foundation in collaboration with the museum specialized in drawing and works on paper, the ABC Museum. In December 2020 she exhibited for the first time solo at Llamazares Galería, with which she also participated in fairs such as Estampa 2021, where she was awarded the DKV prize. In 2023 she received the First Prize of Photography Enaire Foundation.

His work has been presented in several international contemporary art fairs, such as Arco España, Zona Maco (Mexico DF), Cosmoscow Art fair or Artinternational Istanbul and La Feria Internacional Arte Santander, among others.


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