Avelino Sala (Gijón, 1972)

His work as an artist has led him to question cultural and social reality with a critical and uncomfortable gaze in a continuous exploration of the social and political imaginary. His projects exploit the capacity of art to generate spaces for experimentation that give rise to new realities. Sala is one of the Spanish references of art as political resistance. His production includes a kind of poetics that contains a reflection on state powers and the control they exercise. His forceful aesthetic adds strength to a discourse that is as necessary as it is powerful.

Since the 2000s Sala has been working in the global context of contemporary art, exhibiting and participating in biennials and institutions such as the Bienal del Fuego de Caracas (2006), VideoZone V Bienal de Vídeo Arte de Tel Aviv (2010), Nightcomers, 10 Bienal de Estambul (2007), Bienal del Fin del Mundo (2011), Bienal de Istmo Centro Americano de Guatemala (2014) or the Bienal Sur, Juntos aparte (2019). His work will be presented in 2020 in a major project at the Centre del Carmen in Valencia where the themes he has been working on for years are developed: migrations, contemporary dislocation, the environmental crisis and the paradoxes of capitalism.

His work has been present in numerous exhibitions, both national and international.


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