Blanco sobre fondo blanco

Exhibition by Guillermo Peñalver at Gema Llamazares

Guillermo Peñalver demonstrates here the capacity of his unique drawing process and his meticulous technique to occupy spaces outside the conventional limits of the plane and the small format, of the intimate space that demands proximity of the gaze, by making his works overflow from the frame, to end up covering the walls of the gallery until the spectator is enveloped in a sort of atmosphere, of setting.

However, compared to other habitual models of this type of installation, his is a delicate and light work that makes his interventions almost invisible, so light and evanescent in terms of material or visual presence that the eye must take its time to settle in and discover the papers and forms that run along the gallery wall.



Guillermo Peñalver

Exhibition: Blanco sobre fondo Blanco

Viewing his works at Galería Llamazares