Exhibition by Soledad Córdoba at Gema Llamazares


“Beyond any forbidden zone there is a mirror for our sad transparency” Alejandra Pizarnik. Diana’s Tree (1961)

Devastación, Soledad Córdoba’s new project, is without a doubt her most mature series. With courage, she enters into the process of emotional pain that occurs after a biographical break, when it comes suddenly and without margin of correction. The “after” that follows that crack in the heart is the starting point of a journey of healing accompanied by her artistic process.
The series consists of photographs, videos, an installation and a set of drawings (a technique she presents to the public for the first time in her career); and it is completed with a numbered edition artist’s notebook in which, beyond time, Soledad Córdoba dialogues with the poet Alejandra Pizarnik (1936-1972), who ends up lending words to Soledad’s emotions.
“I tried so hard to learn how to read in my tears…” Alejandra Pizarnik
These pieces are the witnesses of the self-knowledge that the artist undertakes, and the evidence of the transformation from which she finally emerges luminous after her passage through desolation and silence.
Even if we continue with the evocative, dreamlike and visionary images of her previous photographic series, in Devastation we notice a greater rawness, a leap of state, a tone of deep authenticity, reinforced by the chosen work process that has dispensed with the studio and has taken the films to ruins and inhospitable beaches, to real abandoned landscapes, expressive of the states of mind through which Soledad has passed.
Text: Susana Blas



Soledad Córdoba


Viewing her works at Galería Llamazares