Caprichos Cromáticos

Arancha Goyeneche’s exhibition at Gema Llamazares

Encountering Arancha Goyeneche’s work always involves an effort on the part of the spectator, but not a tedious effort based on conscientiousness, extensive readings and complex theories. The work that Arancha’s creations demand of the spectator has to do with letting oneself go; with being transported directly to the most joyful, the most pleasant and playful, the simplest and, precisely for this reason, the most forgotten at times due to the demand for immediacy and mechanical speed of the society that contains us, relegated, therefore, to planes of the individual that, on occasion, are already difficult for us to access.

The research of the Cantabrian artist goes beyond the limits of perception, entering the field of the emotional, the sensitive or the subtle. The pieces that make up the exhibition at the Palacete del Embarcadero place the visitor in a laboratory that has emerged from his or her plastic analysis, or in a receptacle of capsules of moments, prints and instants that, when frozen, hope to come to life when they are found by those who observe them.

Arancha Goyeneche interprets experiential landscapes and direct experiences in nature itself by means of her personal language, which evolves post-pictorial techniques and through which she has become one of the best representatives in our country of Expanded Painting, in which in recent years, she has masterfully included fluorescents and neon lights, almost at an intermediate point between solemnity and amusement.




Arancha Goyeneche

Exhibition Caprichos Cromáticos

Viewing his works at Galería Llamazares