Memoria del Color

Exhibition by Menchu Lamas at Gema Llamazares

«The image emerges as a constructive fact derived from this interaction»

The exhibition “Memory of Colour” by Menchu Lamas opens next Friday, February 15th at the Gema Llamazares Gallery with a selection of recent works. Colour appears in Menchu Lamas as the central protagonist of the pictorial event. Layers of colour, chromatic textures, subtle movements of matter give dynamism to the surface. Magic of colour in radiant yellows, intense greens, blues full of magnetism. There is a great contrast between warm and cold shades. Chromatic passion as a decisive sensory vector. The colour defines the spaces and configures a habitat for the look.

The image emerges as a constructive fact derived from this interaction. A pulse geometry defines the composition by linking the different parts of the picture. Labyrinths and perceptive interstices, lines of light. A symbolic abstraction where graphics, gestures, evocations and suggestive presences are merged. The colour chart is shown here in all its fullness.

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The breath of colour, the borderline dialogues between the different tones. “When the colour breathes the image vibrates and the painting takes shape”: the artist pointed out in a recent act when entering the Galician Academy of Fine Arts. The dialectic of form establishes primordial membranes and suggestive superimpositions. Different elements coexist in areas of encounter, which are amalgamated into a unitary space. The forms demand a new look through plots and networks of meaning in a continuous chromatic metamorphosis. A tactile dimension where the fragments acquire a balanced overall visuality.

The process of creation is present in traces and manifestations of pictorial expressiveness. Intensity and energy of a symbolic vocabulary that acquires a personal dimension. Hands, imprints, slides. Colour runs through these surfaces and seems to establish a pact with the light. Spirals in solar flow, rotation of circles and spheres, paths of compositional vectors. Silhouettes and cut-out contours with pronounced clarity. The gaze crosses perforated spaces. Some primitive, telluric coordinates. The enigma always present in his work that appears close to the emblem and with the visual rotundity of a talisman.

Text: Antón Patiño

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Menchu Lamas

Exhibition Memoría del Color

Viewing his works at Galería Llamazares