El Cuerpo del Amor

Marina Vargas exhibition at Gema Llamazares

“When the night is my memory”

Corpse means in Latin fallen. And as Bourgeoise would say, I am interested in the art of falling, of knowing how to fall. When the night is my memory, it brings together different representations of the death of different cultures such as, the Sumerian, Mayan, Aztec, Hindu, Greek, African or Egyptian among others.

The images vary depending on the social and cultural context they build around an idea: death is the only certainty of the human being.
This invites reflection on the uncertainty of life and death itself. About the ignorance of what exists on the other side .

Everything that is created by man is subject to transformation and death. Proof of this is the change in thinking, in traditions and in the meaning that surrounds it. This syncretic piece speaks to us in a cyclical way about multi-culturality and at the same time about identity.
Death as change, mutation, revolution, transformation, the action of cutting and advancing, destroying in order to create.
Cyclical time-There is no time

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When the night is my memory is a work, focused on three factors very present in my work.
The search for a poetic image; as it tries to get closer to obtaining an approximate representation of what we are capable of seeing.
The attempt to enter into an Oniric image. To enter the world of the unconscious, of dreams and hidden desires.
To open the field to study the image as a transmitter of a symbolic message that is generated inside the unconscious and expresses desires
the most basic aspects of human nature.
And finally, the greatest of all searches, the sacred image.
In which the contact of the image with culture interferes. At this point the image breaks the formal properties and develops qualities
Thanks to the interaction that culture has with these images.
Man’s access through the unconscious to a knowledge that is transmitted from generation to generation.
What Carl Jung called Archetypes. A figuration prior to any experience.
At this last point the work is transformed into something that belongs to all those who are capable of reading the visual code by which
this image was born

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Marina Vargas

Exhibition El Cuerpo del Amor

Viewing his works in Galería Llamazares