Marina Vargas
4 December 2020 to 30 January 2021

First solo exhibition in Asturias by Marina Vargas (Granada, 1980), one of the most relevant artists of her generation. Her work, which is usually well represented in the national exhibition scene through galleries as well as through her participation in fairs and institutional collectives, is currently making its way firmly on the international scene.

The body and feminism are the last decisive stratum that is added with increasing force to the dense semantics of her works. As can be seen in this exhibition, where we have gathered a group of recent pieces by the artist that include examples of her drawing, sculptural and photographic production, starring creative and destructive goddesses, who like to invert their traditional roles and question the role that patriarchy has historically assigned to them. From her condition as a woman -as a physical body and political subject-, Marina Vargas faces -not to say confronts- reality and the imaginary from a specific sensibility and perspective, very consciously determined by how she herself is seen from the outside and is made to see herself. Every external gaze constructs us, the artist lucidly recognizes. And in this game of directions that organizes meaning, she adopts what we could almost understand as the catalyzing, transporting, linking role between symbolic and spiritual forces of the most varied nature: from the domain of power or the economy, to the affections, sensibility and passions.

Oscar Alonso Molina

Exhibition realized with the collaboration of Gijón Impulsa

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