Arancha Goyeneche
4 November to 8 December 2022

There are many theories about order and chaos, about rhythm and the mathematics present in nature, and also many theories about how in the East, counting becomes an act as profound and reflective as caring for nature and its gardens. The metric of Ikebana, the measurement of things is vital in what, in the end, translates into time. Just as time is also present in Feng shui and other multiple oriental customs that try to make small energetic movements that change our lives, in the same way as the theory of the butterfly effect: a small flutter can provoke a hurricane at the other end of the planet.

Arancha Goyeneche’s painting has been working for decades with a rhythm and cadence of a great work. Small musical measures that, with related rhythms, take us into a master symphony that translates into small moments of a great piece: her whole life.

To analyze Arancha’s work in series is difficult, because they are not isolated elements that begin and end, they are more, just that: living parts of a larger work. Like the great gardens of history that, even with their delimited structures, undergo changes in their tones, rhythm and colors, as subtle as the passing of the seconds of a clock.

Imagine how we admire the small nuances of flowers, plants and leaves that are changing subtly within the rhythm marked by their own nature and time itself, both affected by external issues.

The exhibition now presented at the Asturian Llamazares Gallery shows these subtle movements that seem imperceptible and suddenly take us to a totally different panorama. Thus, with works by the artist dating from more than two decades ago, we observe how metric, light, time and nature were already in her work and remain in the most current ones, with the same technique, the same brushstroke in her already characteristic painting expanded by means of adhesive tapes.

He can change part of the material, of the support, of the structure, as the terrains, the territories or the places of things change, as a flower changes from a field to a vase, or the same plant from the soil to the pot, but its essence and nature remain.

Jardines de tiempo is nothing more than an analysis of that conceptual consistency that we find in Goyeneche’s work: time, light, nature, rhythm and color. To immerse oneself in analyzing these works and the changes that move her painting from one support to another is to analyze the link between mathematics, nature and painting, since proportions, scales… and to make a journey through the history of art that goes far beyond the contemporary vision of materials, since landscape, destruction and reconstruction are part of each of the pieces that are assembled in the different supports of this Cantabrian artist who has not stopped, during the last three decades of painting landscapes, deconstructing them and reconstructing them.

Jardines de tiempo are, after all, the places in which to stop our own and analyze each of the brushstrokes that Arancha uses in that impulsive trance between painting, storytelling and meditation in which she immerses herself to represent nature under her singular gaze.

Exhibition realized with the collaboration of the Ministry of Culture and Sport and the European Union - NextGenerationEU

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