Jesús Zurita
From December 21, 2023 to February 2, 2024

It is in the nature of images to reject compactness. Images appear compact as long as they refer to other images and, among them, mask what I understand as their fundamental quality: every image contains images. An attentive and fascinated observation reveals that that which is adored or repudiated is full of parts that, in turn, contain parts; going back and forth between them, we finally arrive at love or hate. I don’t think I have ever drawn or painted anything that does not respond to this condition and this exhibition will be no exception.

I make use in my work of the image as a parcel of reality to which we have paid special attention in its delimitation and which has the peculiarity of sustaining itself in the occurrence of the world, adapting itself without fatigue or modesty to its contingencies. Thus, an image never means exactly the same thing; its discourses come from the times and places in which they occur and I attribute this to its recursive anatomy, in which every image abysses into itself without finding the ultimate unity that ends them. However, the image does not blind us with infinite falls, but rather allows us to see and understand our reality, thanks to the fact that every image is collected and limited with respect to another image, which comes to help it to swarm in the human and its cultures.

These paintings and drawings that I present for the Llamazares gallery attend to the relationship within the paintings themselves between images that echo and extend beyond the limits of the canvas to reverberate throughout the exhibition. The paragon, the comparison, is the law here and the differences and impossibilities that are revealed will be the ones that nourish us, for nothing is as it is supposed to be but rather the dialogue between their representations. Let us not forget that every exhibition could also be thought of as the dialogue between a spectator and a work, adding that a spectator depends on his image, the Self, and the work is recognizable by the culture (the swarm of images) that welcomes it. I don’t know if your I is compact, I assure you that mine is not at all… well, imagine my work. Let the images work.

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