Carleti López Traviesa
From July 5th until August 24th 2024


iCono is an exhibition that shows, through the object of the traffic cone, a journey through iconography and art history. The cones are custodians of the iconography, dictating the flow and direction of the visual dialogue. Each cone, imbued with irony, stands like a sentinel on the landscape of art history, guiding the viewer through a labyrinth of meanings. In this pictorial universe, the cones act as referees of a game, questioning the validity and permanence of the icons that have defined cultures. It is a competition between creation and destruction.

This exhibition is a continuous appointment to the history of art from various cardinal points: the historical and the contemporary; the local and the far away. The look is also important in this exhibition. Instead of pushing it away from the cracks, we must face them and explore them. iCono is a reminder that the temporal is intertwined with the indefinite, within the constant flow of time and history.

In this exhibition the traffic cone, a warning and caution sign designed to attract attention, is an element that signals something out of the ordinary, a point of rupture with reality. It indicates something temporary, it is not an obstacle to avoid, but rather a focus of interest that invites us to reflect. It reminds us that art is not static and helps organize elements that are in motion, as a guiding symbol and focus mark.

-Carleti López Traviesa

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