La vida imaginada

Exhibition by Federico Granell at Gema Llamazares

The starting point of this imaginary story of the artist is a found object, decontextualised and whose original meaning has been lost. The place of revelation? A Parisian flea market. The objet trouvé? A family photo album. The context? A few notes on its pages indicate that, once the covers are opened, we move on to the Germany of 1936: the inter-war period, the pre-war climate, Hitler and the Third Reich, National Socialism, anti-Semitism and the Berlin Olympic Games filmed by Leni Riefenstahl.

In the midst of these historical circumstances is the life of a family recorded in an album whose photographs have been nipped in the bud. We are talking about memory and oblivion. Pieces of the past that emerge in the present and become a rescue object for the artist with the idea of protecting him from the erosion of time.

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Federico Granell

Exhibition Una Vida Imaginada

Viewing his works at Galería Llamazares