General conditions of purchase

At Galería Llamazares we provide our users with the possibility of buying online the different artworks provided directly by the artist himself.

We differentiate our artworks according to their availability, with the following indicatives:


Out of stock

It can be indicated in the work’s file, if it is a unique piece or not. In case of being considered a work under the label “Unique work”, the “product” will be removed from our online store.

Payments, transportation and shipping.

We accept the following payment methods:

  • Bank transfer
    • Banco Sabadell: IBAN: ES17 0081 5155 7700 0172 4483

Shipping costs are free of charge throughout our store*. (effect subject to future modifications)

The transport agency in charge of picking up your order, and delivering it to your home, or to the address you provide us, will be chosen by Galería Llamazares to guarantee the security at all times of the work awarded by the user.

Depending on your location, we estimate a delivery time between 3 and 5 working days.



Galería Llamazares will not be responsible for returns due to works in bad condition.

To process the option of a return due to a major cause, please contact us through our contact telephone numbers, or write to us at